YPK Airport is a regional airport in Pitt Meadows, located within a 60-km radius from YVR International Airport. Serving as an extension to the YPK Regional Airport, the new hangar complex is designed to meet emerging demands by the aircraft servicing industry seeking to expand beyond Richmond, BC. The scope is limited to facade design of five new aircraft hangars, covering an area of over 200,000 sqft. The hangars are pre-fabricated, meaning the only adjustable variable is surface treatment and lighting. Referencing movie sets and historic commercial lots, the design proposes cladding each hangar in coloured panels to create a seamless gradient between ground and sky. In addition to providing the clients with a captivating narrative, the concept is useful for wayfinding. Further, the facade design becomes a framework and easily replicable motif that allows for customization and future expansion.

  • Location
    Pitt Meadows, BC
  • Dates
  • Area
    360,000 sqft
  • Type
  • Status
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